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May 3, 2024

FanDuel Eligibility Issues – What they are and how do you fix them

FanDuel Eligibility Issues

FanDuel is a gambling juggernaut present in 24 U.S. states in retail and online capacity. According to H2 Gambling Capital, FanDuel’s market share reached 48% in 2022, showing a steady performance year after year. Even so, that’s not to say that the platform and its players are unaffected by technical issues and glitches.

Login difficulties, inability to claim the bonus due to making a deposit using a payment method not supported in the promotion, or having one’s live bet refused are just some of the obstacles users can encounter when betting on the FanDuel sportsbook app. However, one particular instance seems to halt the entire betting experience — FanDuel eligibility issues.

Not reading the full terms and conditions of use or being in the state-line area are the main reasons for getting that eligibility error message on your FanDuel mobile app. In this article, we are going to address these eligibility issues and help you solve them.

Why Won’t Your FanDuel Account Work?

There are several FanDuel eligibility issues that can prevent you from opening an account in the first place or having it run smoothly. First of all, to open a FanDuel sportsbook account, you need to be of legal age to bet, which is primarily 21 or 19, as is the limit in Alabama. Only one account is permitted per user. Providing the last four digits of your Social Security number (SSN) and other personal details facilitates account verification, without which you won’t be able to deposit and bet.

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Now, apart from the posibility of your FanDuel account being suspended, there’s the location issue. Although you’ll be able to open a FanDuel account and fund it in all U.S. states except Hawaii, Connecticut, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, or Washington, in order to place a real money bet, you must be physically located in a state where FanDuel is legal.

Other eligibility issues with your FanDuel account may include you not being authorized to use the service by virtue of affiliation with FanDuel, another sportsbook, or a daily fantasy site such as DraftKings or Yahoo. Athletes, coaches, and employees of teams and leagues are also not allowed to register accounts or will have their accounts restricted if found out.

How to Fix FanDuel Eligibility Issues

You should avoid FanDuel eligibility issues as much as you can. Still, even when you encounter some of them, you can fix them by following our troubleshooting guide found below.

Check FanDuel’s Legality In Your State

The first thing you need to check is whether FanDuel is legal in your state or not. Although you can register from particular states that don’t support gambling, you won’t be able to place a bet, which beats the point of having an account in the first place. To prevent this technical issue, make sure to check the local laws and if FanDuel has launched a product in a specific state.

Be of Legal Age for Betting

It’s paramount that you are of legal age to bet on FanDuel. The legal age differs depending on the state. For example, anyone over the age of 18 in Rhode Island is eligible to place a bet. Regardless, most states require bettors to be at least 21. When you provide the last four digits of your Social Security number and details such as full name, address, and email, FanDuel performs an account verification procedure warranted as part of the Know Your Customer policy. Users who fail the check won’t be eligible to have an account.

Enable GeoComplay Location Services on Your PC

All online sportsbooks are required by law to pinpoint the users’ exact location to ensure they are physically located within state borders at the time of betting. FanDuel uses GeoComply to figure out the location, so you must download and install the plugin on your Windows or Apple Mac device and run it.

Perform Location Troubleshooting for iOS and Android

It’s possible that you see a Restricted Location or other message claiming you’ve failed to pass the geolocation check. FanDuel support team recommends that you first update the FanDuel app to its latest version. Head to the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the operating system of your device, and update the app. Older versions of the app may have some technical issues that, with the new version, have been resolved.

Then, check if your Wi-Fi is on and that your location services are enabled. On your iOS device, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to turn on your Location Services. Ensure that the features While Using the App” and “Precise Location” are running.

In the Location Services, you must change the settings to ‘High Accuracy Mode’ for Android devices to pass the location check. Remember that an ethernet connection won’t help you pass the check. You must use a Wi-Fi connection.

Avoid Betting When Near State Borders

At times, the GeoComplay systems may not work correctly and have difficulty pinpointing your exact location. The signal can get distorted, making it impossible to pass the location check. Even if both states allow sports betting, the software won’t let you place bets. FanDuel support advises traveling deep into the borders of the legal state in question to ensure good coverage for the geolocation system.

Comply With the Two-Factor Authentication Requirements (2FA)

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your FanDuel sportsbook app by requiring two steps to verify your identity. Although this service is optional for most states, those players coming from Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Illinois, and New Jersey must use 2FA as per regulations. If you haven’t completed this step, you may see a FanDuel sportsbook error code on the screen in these states.

Turn Off VPN

Masking your location to change your actual whereabouts using a VPN or any other software of that kind will undoubtedly lead to eligibility issues. FanDuel’s systems won’t be so easily fooled, and if they detect a VPN, you can have your account restricted or, worse, terminated. Any bonus bets will be void if your account gets banned, and your account balance may be confiscated.

Account Name Verification Issues

A third-party agency handles the authentication of your account, so the data they have on you may need to be updated. You may have to try different variations of your name to verify the account. For example, if you are Johnatan, try typing in John or remove your middle name altogether. If that works, you can then contact FanDuel support and have it update your information manually.

Address Verification Problem

The players’ address may be a source of eligibility issues. If you can’t pass the address verification, try typing in “street” instead of “St” or “drive” instead of “Dr.”. The systems may have different ways of checking the info, and although it’s a small change, it may help. Also, you can use your previous address and have it updated once you pass the check.

FanDuel Pre-Filled Verification Issue

During your identity verification, you can use the pre-filled option, where you provide certain information, and the system does the rest. This option is operated by Prove, an identity verification and authentication platform used by more than a thousand companies to verify their customers’ identities. The system is currently available in Arizona and Wyoming.

If you are getting an error message, it may be because you’ve recently changed your address or phone number. Double-check for typos also, since these are known to be the source of potential verification and, therefore, eligibility issues.

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  • Supports ewallets & traditional payment methods
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  • App layout is a bit cramped
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Try an Alternative

Sometimes, the eligibility issues go beyond location and account verification. Some of the following alternatives may do the trick and have you betting in no time.

Remember to check if you are accessing a state-specific version of FanDuel as the terms and conditions — and consequently, potential eligibility issues — vary between states.

Other FanDuel Issues You Might See

In addition to eligibility issues, one may encounter a few other problems while betting on FanDuel. Let’s have a quick overview of those situations:

Common FanDuel Eligibility Issues on Social Media

FanDuel’s customers have taken to Reddit to voice their concerns about eligibility and other issues. Most users reported that the most common eligibility problem was related to their addresses.

There have also been instances where users couldn’t place bets after signing up for FanDuel, which could also result from some location issues.

FanDuel Alternatives

DraftKings Sportsbook

  • Minimum deposit $5
  • Sleek and easy-to-use user interface
  • Plethora of betting options
  • Range of regular promotions
  • Limited withdrawal options
  • Needs a better rewards system
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BetMGM Sportsbook

  • Minimum deposit $10
  • Plenty of payment methods available
  • Well-designed Android & iOS app
  • In-Game wagering
  • Football live streaming is not available
  • Customer service contact has to go through FAQs
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bet365 Sportsbook

  • Minimum deposit $10
  • Huge welcome free bet
  • Big sport market coverage
  • Easy and fast banking options
  • Few promos for existing players
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betway Sportsbook

  • Minimum deposit $10
  • Huge market coverage
  • Minimal requirements to cash out welcome offer
  • Features all major betting options
  • Few promos for existing players
  • Not easy to navigate
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Caesars Sportsbook

  • Minimum deposit $10
  • Reliable and user-friendly app
  • Most lucrative first bet promotion in the market
  • Huge market depth and coverage
  • Best rewards program in the industry
  • Experience can vary per state
  • Frequently changing its features
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Suppose you cannot resolve the FanDuel eligibility issues. In that case, you can always turn your focus to other worthy US operators who boast a great variety of betting markets, competitive odds, and compelling signup offers, among other features.

Note that all operators have a distinct set of rules and limitations, so it’s vital that you read the T&Cs page to see if you meet the eligibility requirements.


  • Who is eligible for FanDuel?
    All individuals over the legal betting age and located in a state that permits sports betting and hosts FanDuel are eligible to register an account and bet.
  • What VPN works with FanDuel?
    The use of a VPN when accessing FanDuel is not allowed and may lead to the operator banning you from the site permanently.
  • Why does FanDuel not verify the location?
    FanDuel is obligated to verify location to comply with legal requirements, using GeoComply or settings on your device to ensure you're in a permitted jurisdiction.
  • Why won't FanDuel accept my identity?
    Customer identity verification is handled by a verification agency that aims to confirm your name, date of birth, and social security number. Sometimes, the databases they have access to can be outdated, which can cause issues with identification.
  • How long does it take to get verified on FanDuel?
    The verification procedure at FanDuel typically takes 24-48 hours, but the pre-filled verification option, now only available in Arizona and Wyoming, can expedite this.
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