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June 21, 2024

Casino Industry Statistics 2024: A trillion dollar pie in the making and lots of hungry players

Digital (crypto) currencies, remote work, smart homes, electric cars, VR sets… anyone with a smart phone in their palm can trace the pattern of where we’ve been headed in the years before covid cracked open a Pandora Box full of surprises and opportunities.

The unprecedented growth of online casino and sports betting is a direct consequence of the hundreds of millions of people whose freedom of movement was curtailed by a gnarly nanoscopic virus. Our choice of entertainment went out the window and all that remained was digital fun, including casinos.

Certain casino industry trends were visible before the pandemic but after this cut-off event it became obvious that the trajectory of development is here to stay. Needless to say, the rate at which we are digitizing our favorite pastimes is nothing short of fascinating.

Our overview of the most fascinating casino industry statistics will inform you whether land casinos still hold their own, changes in the largest casino market in the world, the impact of online casino and game apps and just how much of a market share is held by the good old lottery at the international level.

Buckle up because we’re about to plunge into the casino industry facts’ rabbit hole.

Core 2024 Casino Industry Statistics Overview

The reader can really understand the size of the beast by casting a glance at statistics that are reshaping the casino industry. These figures are going to rehash, optimize and otherwise re-innovate one of the oldest forms of entertainment in the history of humankind.

1. Post-covid online gambling grew by 86%

The pandemic imposed a set of extraordinary circumstances on the entire world, but even before the event, all signs were pointing in the direction of sustained growth for the casino industry. The number of casinos grew by 5.2% per year between 2019 and 2024. Today there are 5,098 registered land and online casinos in the world.

The sheer number of online casinos and betting sites grew and their services were readily demanded by people who’d already crossed the threshold of using their mobile device for calls and messaging. Covid simply solidified the prospect, encouraging users to rely on digital forms of entertainment during that period. In other words, based on the casino industry statistics below, people who traditionally went to a (land) casino are now more than willing to play casino games online.

Source: Ibisworld

2. More than 55% of all gambling takes place on mobile

This figure is expected to rise. Multiple casino and betting operators reported bets which take place on mobile devices rose to 70% in 2020, the year of the pandemic. Life has normalized since and people are continuing to visit their favorite brick and mortar sportsbooks and casinos, but mobile is taking over for sure. Even when playing at home, sitting at a desktop or laptop computer takes away from the comfort which is provided by mobile phones. Growth projections are in line with the current trend: mobile gambling will rise by 11.20% (CAGR) between 2024 and 2032 (see below).

Source: FocusGN

3. Global mobile gambling market will grow to US$189.5 billion by 2032

The casino industry growth trend for 2024 stands at US$74.5 billion for mobile use only – 2 billion more than the previous year. These stunning numbers are in a large part compounded by the adoption of online casino legislature in the United States and Canada and the subsequent partnering of domestic and international casino brands with local land casinos in order to provide online casinos.

One example is UK’s William Hill partnering with the Chippewa group of Ontario (CA) and Michigan (US). North America leads the world in mobile casino revenues followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. For comparison, the US netted US$66.5 billion in revenues from all forms of gambling vs China’s US$22 billion in 2024.

Sources: MarketResearchFuture; Statista

4. Worldwide gambling market peaked at US$773.7 billion in 2023

Across the board for all common game of chance platforms – land casinos, online casinos, sports betting and lottery, the market will continue to grow by a compounded annual rate (CAGR) of 3.7%. By the year 2030 it is going to reach USD$1,000 (that’s one trillion!) with several key factors promoting this prospect:

On aggregate, the United States is expected to remain the leader in casino industry revenues in 2024 as 2023 brought a record-breaking US$66.5 billion.

Sources: Research and Markets; Global News Wire; Statista

5. Six out of ten people accept the use of AI in sports betting

AI is above the horizon. The heading above is illustrative of the acceptance of AI by casino players and its deployment by operators. Casino industry statistics reveal that companies are pioneering AI tech way past the infamous chatbot. In fairness to chatbots, 67% of casino players around the world have interacted with chatbots and 74% prefer AI for basic inquiries!

When it comes to casino industry data, companies relying on machine learning report that the technology contributes 42% of their total revenue. By the year 2025, the global market for AI casino tech will have a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43.4%, reaching US$7.4 billion! Furthermore, operators use the technology to reduce or prevent problem gambling, prevent cheating, sniff out money laundering, customer retention and more.

The writing is on the wall: AI enhances the gambling experience for the players too. Sports bettors can rely on AI-generated statistics and predictions for strategy. The Washington Post reports that certain sporting events can be predicted with a level of accuracy between 80 and 90% with the help of AI tools.

Sources: Gitnux; Springer; Washington Post

United States headed to 100 million online gambling users

This casino industry trend is a logical consequence of the US being a world pioneer in casino gaming. Las Vegas, Atlantic City, the countless Native American casinos around the country… While the above are still a major attraction to casual and veteran gamblers, the action is shifting to the cloud. By 2030 the US will boast a population of nearly 300 million and the factoid above means that one third of the people will have engaged in online casino gambling, sports betting, lottery and the like.

Source: Statista

1. US had a record-high 1st quarter revenues of US$17.7 billion

The figure follows thirteen fiscal quarters in a row with a positive growth for the US casino industry. By all predictions, this year is going to surpass last year’s record of US$66.66 billion which was 10.3% greater than 2022. The said nation-wide revenue prospect is also encouraged by North Carolina showing a very promising turnaround since the state debuted sports betting. Overall, 32 out of 36 states where commercial casinos are available showed higher revenues than in the previous years.

Source: American Gaming Association; Carolina Journal

2. At least 55 million Americans participate in sweepstakes drawings, casinos included

Are sweepstakes drawings and games a form of gambling? The answer can go both ways, yet one thing I am sure of is that US sweepstakes casinos definitely qualify as platforms for games of chance. According to Eilers & Krejcik (E&K), a casino consultancy and research firm, revenues in the global sweepstakes gaming market shot up to 89% per year between 2019 and 2022. The market is worth $US11.4 billion and E&K projects market growth of 44% compounded for this and the following year. These figures inspire some speculative guesswork – mainly that the sweepstakes casino niche may not be a niche after all as it attracts millions of players in the United States. In fact, with online casinos being available in only six US states there is a huge underserved market of casino players that seek out free casino games with the option to purchase coins.

Source: Eilers & Krejcik Gaming; Next.io

3. Americans looking forward to 16 new land casinos by 2026

In 2024 only the US is expecting the opening of twelve land casinos, including Caesars in Danville, Virginia and Harrah’s in Columbus, Nebraska. The most recent number of commercial land casinos and casino resorts in the country is 486 relevant to the year 2023. The casino industry is consistent despite the proliferation of online casinos, yet the number of land casinos has seen some fluctuations. The lowest number of venues since 2005 was 438 casinos in 2010. According to the American Gaming Association, the 486 casinos that were operational during the previous year brought in $66.5 billion in profits.

Source: World Casino Directory; American Gaming Association

4. Illegal gambling in the US takes US$551 billion in bets per year

Unlicensed and otherwise clandestine operators offline and on the internet generate massive profits from illegal bets. According to the American Gaming Association the market operates along three verticals: casino games, sports betting and “skill-based” games. Unlicensed operators offering slots and table games online rake in no less than US$337.9 billion per year – which provides casino advocates and lobbyists with the biggest argument why other US states need to start legalizing online casinos.

The dangers of illegal gambling sites and premises is that they don’t care about people who are vulnerable to gambling addiction as these venues aren’t faced with any regulation that would prevent them from conducting predatory marketing. Southern states, those without online casino legislation, suffer most from untaxed profits as residents there stake more money than other regions: US$150.8 billion — compared to the Northwest with US$46.1 billion.

Source: IGB North America; American Gaming Association

Mobile casino apps grossed more than US$280 million in April of 2024

As I hinted with one of the key casino industry trends above, when it comes to playing games of chance, mobile is king. This statistic reflects worldwide revenues for the ten best gambling apps. Some of the choices may take you aback but the numbers don’t lie. Apps like Monopoly GO!, Jackpot Party Casino, Bingo Blitz, Slotomania and others have a steady international fan base, as the graph below suggests. But one of these apps – really, the outlier of the group, leads the way in popularity and profits.

Source: Statista

The proprietary table game (Hasbro) has multiple iterations in the world of online gambling. For one, it represents an online slots series numbering more than a dozen games. Its other notable segment is Monopoly Live by Evolution – an amazing animated take on the board game with the added live element in the Wheel of Fortune which is spun by a game host in a studio. However the accolade above goes to Monopoly GO!, a mobile app which accounted for US$106.76 million in April of 2024 only! The game attracts more than 10 million regular players and has generated US$2.0 billion since its 2023 launch! And with this amazing detail I am going to continue the section below with casino industry statistics dedicated to mobile apps and mobile gambling.

Source: Statista; Hasbro Entertainment

2. 2024 Global gambling app market share projected around US$74.5 billion

Again, the United States leads the way with a market share of around US$30 billion for 2024 and is expected to exceed US$90 billion by 2032. Second is Europe with around US$25 billion for 2024 and upward of US$60 billion by 2032. Asia-Pacific follows with numbers that are similar to Europe with respect to mobile gambling. The rest of the world is expected to have a market share of around US$35 billion by the end of the ten-year projection that Market Research Future initiates starting with the year 2022.

Source; Market Research Future

3. 59% of women prefer mobile casinos vs 52% for men

The source doesn’t cite the reasons why women prefer playing games of chance on their mobile devices compared to men. What’s equally interesting though is that women are more loyal to their favorite casino brands – 11% of women stay for four months after signing up vs 9% for men. Also notable is that women prefer playing games of chance while men also visit games that require some skill (certain table games): 78% of women prefer slots vs 70% of men.

Source: Optimove

4. Men spend 18 minutes per day on mobile casino apps

Data is taken from the global regional average. Casino players in Oceania (23′) and Europe (21.4′) spend more time playing games on their favorite online casino apps for mobile. This is compared to North America, Asia, Africa and LATAM: 18.2, 16.3, 16.2 and 12.9 minutes respectively. Women spend a little bit less time on casino apps, with the global average being 17.6.

Source: Statista

Final Thoughts

Games with unpredictable outcomes and wildly varying probabilities are as old as human civilization. People love putting their luck to the test. There is no surprise that gambling is taking on some interesting shapes and forms, with novelle contests (Eurovision winner, anyone?) on the offer as well as traditional ones, but what’s fascinating is the update in technology.

Pundits are expecting VR sets to make an entry in online casino gaming. AI is already here. Mobile casino and betting apps already made their entry in the proverbial “yesterday”. Just to remind our readers, the market is going to reach one trillion US dollars.

Gambling has developed into an economy on a global scale and surely there are going to be big winners and sore losers. Whichever you are, regardless of your tech and niche game, remember to always keep it fun! 


  • How is AI tech changing the casino and betting industries?
    With the help of predictive analysis, AI tools can be used on both ends of the divide: player and house. Operators use AI to predict problematic gambling patterns, cheaters and bots; they deploy AI to crunch data in real time, especially in sports betting. On the other hand, players can use tools for card games and roulette, as well as sports analysis.
  • What is the highest-grossing casino app?
    According to Statista, The Monopoly GO! app attracted the most purchases from mobile users. Since it was launched in late 2023, Monopoly GO! grossed US$2.0 billion in the first ten months. This app is followed by Coin Master, Bingo Blitz and Jackpot Party Casino Slots.
  • How much do US online casinos earn?
    The first US states that updated their legislation to allow online casino gambling went live in 2019. In 2024 there are only six US states that allow online casinos. Their revenues in 2022/2023 were US$1.53 billion. Slots generated US$1.07 billion, followed by $428.5 million from table games and $31.9 million from poker.
  • How big is the international casino industry in 2024?
    Casinos, betting and lottery games around the world grossed US$773.7 in 2023. Industry analysts are expecting this number to rise by 3.7% in 2024.


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