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June 18, 2024

Gambling Laws by State

Gambling Laws by State

The 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is no more! Back in 2018, the Supreme Court ditched this federal law, allowing all states to offer sports betting if they wish to.

Fast forward six years and sports betting is available in some form in 38 states and D.C., while mobile betting is up and running in 20 states. In many jurisdictions, political infighting and lobbyists representing brick-and-mortar casinos are keeping online sportsbooks illegal.

To give you a sense of the legal landscape of sports betting in America and show you where you can bet, we’ve performed an in-depth analysis of the market.

Despite sports betting being legal in most American states, it takes different forms based on which border you cross. There are three main types of legal sports betting in the US including:

What States Can You Legally Bet on Sports?

Scroll down to your state and see the latest legal situation when it comes to betting on sports:

🇺🇸 State🌐Online📖Retail
New Hampshire✅Yes✅Yes
New Jersey✅Yes✅Yes
New Mexico❌No✅Yes
New York✅Yes✅Yes
North Carolina✅Yes✅Yes
North Dakota❌No✅Yes
Rhode Island✅Yes✅Yes
South Carolina❌No❌No
South Dakota❌No✅Yes
Washington D.C.✅Yes✅Yes
West Virginia✅Yes✅Yes


Retail and online sportsbooks are banned in Alabama. Politicians have tried to get legislation passed multiple times, but it keeps getting rejected due to the state’s history of conservatism and religious piety.

In 2024, House Bill 151 was passed, which would legalize virtually all forms of gambling, including sports betting. However, the Senate then amended the bill and removed casino gambling and sports betting, leaving only the state lottery.  


Alaska is traditionally a very anti-gambling state. Retail and online sports betting are banned. However, you can enjoy fantasy sports.

Politicians in Alaska haven’t shown much initiative in legalizing sports betting. This is likely because Alaska is a wealthy state with the 8th highest GDP per capita ($92,272) in the country, thanks to its abundant amount of oil and gas. Lawmakers are also concerned about the impact of legal gambling on the vulnerable Indigenous population.


All bets are on in the Copper State. Online and in-person betting has been legal in Arizona since 2021. Arizona is one of the most competitive markets, with 15+ sportsbooks operating, including all the big names. Since legalization, sportsbooks in AZ have accepted over $16 billion worth of bets!


Arkansas legalized in-person sportsbooks almost immediately after the federal ban was lifted. However, it took the Natural State until 2024 to legalize online sports betting. Only three sportsbooks operate in AR, two of which are in-house solutions offered by the local casinos.

There is a strange law in Arkansas designed to protect local casinos, which states a maximum of 50% of bets can come from third-party sportsbooks. So, don’t expect to see DraftKings and FanDuel enter the market anytime soon.


All forms of sports betting are not allowed in California. Prop 27, which would’ve made sports betting legal in the Sunshine State, was crushed. When California does eventually legalize sports betting, it’ll become the biggest market in the US virtually overnight.


In-person and online sports betting is thriving in Colorado. There are 20+ retail sports betting locations and 20+ online sportsbooks to choose from. Sports betting was legalized at the end of 2019 and launched in May 2020.

Interestingly, esports betting is banned in Colorado as well as high school sports. Sports betting has proved a big hit in CO; the state has the 6th-highest handle in the whole country!


Connecticut legalized in-person and online sports betting in 2021 after Governor Ned Lamont did a deal with the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes. Shortly thereafter, DraftKings and FanDuel appeared on the scene. DraftKings opened a retail sportsbook at Foxwoods, while FanDuel set up shop at Mohegan Sun. There are now three online sportsbooks operating in CT.


Delaware started offering retail sports betting in 2018. You can bet in person at Delaware Park Casino & Racing, Bally’s Dover Casino Resort, and Harrington Raceway and Casino. Then, in December 2023, The First State launched online sports betting. The only online sportsbook available in DE is BetRivers.


The Seminole Tribe won’t take no for an answer in Florida. The tribe successfully appealed a court decision and re-launched their betting app on December 5, 2023, and started taking bets in person on December 7, 2023.

Back in 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis did a deal with the Seminoles, and they launched their Hard Rock Bet app. However, the agreement was challenged in court, forcing the Seminoles to suspend their sports betting services for two years. After their recent legal win, sports betting is back in Florida!


Retail and online sports betting is banned in Georgia. Senate Resolution 579 and Senate Bill 386, which would’ve legalized sports betting, failed to get over the line in the Peach State after politicians couldn’t agree on how the tax revenue would be spent. Democrats want the tax revenue to be used on education. Also, many Republicans don’t support the bill because they view gambling as destructive.


Alongside Utah, Hawaii is the most anti-gambling state in the US. They’ve always held the stance that gambling is harmful and will negatively affect residents. All forms of gambling, including sports betting and even lotteries, are prohibited in Hawaii. Unless a miracle happens, sportsbooks aren’t coming to the Aloha State anytime soon.


In-person and online sports betting is not legal in Idaho. Virtually all states have at least attempted to legalize sportsbooks. However, politicians in Idaho haven’t even come up with a single piece of legislation. Almost all forms of gambling are off-limits in the Gem State except lotteries and pari-mutuel horse racing betting.


Sports betting has been rocking and rolling in Illinois since June 2019 when Governor J.B. Pritzker passed Bill SB 690. Over the years, Illinois has introduced some strange rules like forcing bettors to sign up in person and blocking out-of-state providers. Fortunately, they’ve ditched those rules.

There are now seven sportsbooks live in Illinois. However, that number may shrink after the government overhauled the flat 15% tax on operators and replaced it with a progressive rate maxing out at a huge 40%.


Governor Eric Holcomb was quick to legalize sports betting in Indiana in May 2019. Then, just a few months later, the first online sportsbooks launched. There are now 12 online betting sites operating in Indiana, and you can also wager on sports at Indiana’s casinos, including Caesars, Harrah’s, and Bally’s. Sports betting has been a nice little cash cow for the government, generating over $140 million in taxes!


In-person and online sports betting is 100% legal in Iowa. Bill SF-617 was signed into law in May 2019, and Iowans have been betting on sports ever since. William Hill was the first sportsbook to launch in August 2019. There are now 16+ operators in the state. However, there has been some serious controversy, including Iowa State football players being charged with illegal gambling. Iowa is one of the most operator-friendly states, with taxes of just 6.75% of revenue.


It took a while, but sports betting was finally legalized in Kansas on June 20, 2022, when Governor Kelly signed SB 84. Within months, DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and Caesars were up and running. In the very first month of legal sports betting in Kansas, sportsbooks accepted $160.5 million worth of bets. The government is planning to use a portion of the sports betting tax revenue to get the Kansas City Chiefs to move from Missouri after the team is not happy with their current stadium.


Kentucky is one of the latest states to green-light sports betting. Sportsbooks went live in September 2023 after Governor Andy Beshear signed House Bill 551 into law in March 2023. Kentucky sportsbooks have only accepted $1.3 billion in bets so far; they’ve got a long way to go to catch New Jersey, whose handle is 40x higher.


In Louisiana, you can choose between eight sportsbooks, including ESPN Bet and FanDuel. Legal mobile betting went live in Louisiana in February 2022, and the handle was a respectable $238 million. Since launching sports betting, the government has added just under $100 million in tax revenue to their coffers.


Sports betting is regulated and live in Maine. Caesars and DraftKings launched in November 2023 and remain the only sportsbooks in the Pine Tree State. You can also bet at Winner’s Circle, Sanform, and Hollywood Casino in person.


A referendum passed in 2020 legalized sports betting in Maryland. Unfortunately, Marylanders had to wait two years before sportsbooks finally launched in November 2022. Nowadays, there are 10+ online sportsbooks and 12+ retail locations. Operators are thriving in MD, taking in over $400 million in bets per month.


Governor Baker legalized sports betting in Massachusetts in August 2022. The first retail sportsbooks went live in January 2023, and online betting sites launched in March 2023. Six online sportsbooks are operating in MA, including big names like Caesars, DraftKings, and FanDuel.


Governor Snyder vetoed pro sports betting legislation in 2018. However, just a year later, Governor Whitmer signed bill HB 4916 legalizing sports betting in Michigan. Things got off to a slow start in the Wolverine State. The first retail sportsbook, MGM Grand Detroit, opened in March 2020. Then, the first online betting sites appeared in January 2021. There are now 12+ online sportsbooks to choose from.


All forms of sports betting are banned in Minnesota. Politicians in MN just can’t get the necessary legislation over the line. In 2024, Rep. Zack Stephenson introduced a bill that would allow all tributes to exclusively offer in-person and online sports betting. However, as the legislative session ended, no consensus was reached.


Mississippi embraced retail sports betting and legalized it in June 2018. However, the powerful land-based casino lobby has continually prohibited online sports betting. Politicians have been trying for years to get online sports betting legalized, but in 2024, legislation again died after missing key deadlines.


You can’t bet on sports in Missouri. Missouri’s professional sports teams have been lobbying hard to get sports betting legalized in the state and have even collected 300,000 signatures. So, expect sports betting to come to Show-Me State in 2025.


In-person betting has been legal in Montana since April 2019. Despite having a population of only 1.1 million, there are over 100 places where you can bet on sports because all lottery retailers can accept wagers. There is also an online betting app; however, you can only place bets at an authorized Sports Bet Montana location.


Only in-person sports betting is permitted in Nebraska. Currently, there are only two retail sportsbooks in the whole state. There is no planned legislation that would legalize online sports betting in NE.


Nevada legalized sports betting in 1949 and was the only state exempt from the federal ban. You can bet in person at virtually all casinos in Nevada. There are also mobile betting apps. However, you must register and deposit in person before you can start betting online. Nevada is the third biggest sports betting market in the country – since 2018, they’ve accepted over $40 billion in bets.

New Hampshire

Sports betting was legalized in 2019 when HB 480 was signed by Governor Sununu. There are three in-person sportsbooks in the Granite State. DraftKings hit the jackpot by linking up with New Hampshire Lottery and is the only online sportsbook in New Hampshire.

New Jersey

Sports betting may still be federally banned if it wasn’t for New Jersey’s push for legalization. NJ was the first state to offer online sports betting, and there are now 15+ sportsbooks. The Garden State is also the biggest market in the nation, accepting over $50 billion in bets and generating $500 million in tax revenue.

New Mexico

You can only place sports bets at tribal casinos in New Mexico. Sports betting is not legalized in New Mexico, but tribes have special compacts with the government, and once the federal ban was lifted, they decided to offer sports betting without waiting for the state government to pass legislation. Online sports betting remains illegal in New Mexico.

New York

Retail and online sports betting is legal in New York. Retail sportsbooks first appeared in the middle of 2019. Then online sports betting launched in NY in January 2022, now there are 8+ apps. New York is quickly catching up to New Jersey, as sportsbooks have taken over $45 billion worth of bets. No state can touch NY when it comes to tax revenue (top tax rate is 51%), generating a mouth-watering $2 billion.

North Carolina

Retail and online sports betting was legalized in North Carolina in June 2023. It wasn’t until March 11, 2024 that betting sites launched. Sports betting has taken off in the Tar Heel State thanks to the abundance of pro sports teams. bet365 has linked up with the Charlotte Hornets, DraftKings has partnered with NASCAR, and FanDuel is laughing all the way to the bank with the Carolina Panthers.

North Dakota

Online sports betting is restricted in North Dakota. However, you can place bets in person at tribal casinos. The Peace Garden State legalized retail sports betting in December 2021.


Legal sports betting went live in Ohio on January 1, 2023. There are now over 18 online sportsbooks available and retail locations dotted all across the state. In June 2024, Ohio crossed the $10 billion handle milestone, no other state has accepted so many bets so fast!


There is a total ban on sports betting in Oklahoma, even tribal casinos can’t accept wagers. In 2023, Rep. Ken Luttrell tried to get pro sports betting legislation through, but they couldn’t agree with tribal gaming authorities. Then, in 2024, another two bills failed due to a lack of agreement. It may be a while before sports betting comes to the Sooner State.


Oregon legalized sports betting in August 2019. Both retail and online sports betting is available in the Beaver State. DraftKings is the sole betting site after forming an exclusive partnership with The Oregon Lottery. The total handle since 2019 is $2 billion, and the state has raked in over $100 million in tax revenue.


You can bet on sports in person and online in Pennsylvania. As long as you’re within state borders, your mobile betting app will work. Sports betting launched in PA in May 2019 and has become a key market. Just behind IL, the Quaker State has the 5th biggest handle in the country with just under $30 billion!

Rhode Island

Retail and online sports betting is legal in Rhode Island; however, they do things a little differently than other places. In the Plantation State, there is only one online sportsbook, Sportsbook RI, run by the Rhode Island Lottery, and two retail sportsbooks. Also, you only have to be 18+ to bet.

South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the few states where in-person and online sports betting is prohibited. Despite repeated attempts to pass legislation in SC, politicians just can’t agree. If you want to bet online, you’ll have to hop in your car and cross the border into North Carolina.

South Dakota

You can’t place sports bets online in South Dakota. However, retail sportsbooks have been available since 2020 and operate in Deadwood and at tribal casinos throughout the state. In 2024, lawmakers voted 41-28 to stop a bill that would have legalized online sports betting. Politicians were concerned about the state’s overreliance on gambling and potential issues with addiction.


There’s more than country music bars in Tennessee. Sports betting has been around in TN since November 2020. Interestingly, the Volunteer State is one of the few that has online sports betting but not retail. This is because no casinos operate in the state.


Sports betting is illegal in Texas. Operators have been lobbying ultra-hard to crack open the Texan market, which has the potential to be the biggest in the entire country thanks to its 30 million-strong population. However, it’s proving difficult after Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick prevented the Texas Senate from looking at legislation until 2025 at the earliest.


Unsurprisingly, in a state founded by Mormons, all gambling, including sports betting, is banned. In Utah, you can even be arrested for gambling. There is a better chance of Joseph Smith coming back from the dead than sports betting getting the green light in Utah.


Online sports betting launched in Vermont in January 2024 after being legalized in June 2023. There are three operators, including FanDuel, DraftKings, and Fanatics. In the first full month of legal sports betting in VT, operators accepted over $20 million worth of bets.


Governor Ralph Northam legalized sports betting in Virginia in March 2020. FanDuel was the first sportsbook to launch, taking its first bet in January 2021. In July 2022, Hard Rock launched the first in-person sportsbook in VA. The Mother of Presidents is shooting up the handle leaderboard and has already generated over $175 million in tax revenue.


There is no online sports betting in Washington. However, you can bet in person at 12+ retail sportsbooks located at tribal casinos throughout the state. Washington was traditionally an anti-sports betting state, however, Governor Jay Inslee legalized it in March 2020. Snoqualmie Casino opened the state’s first retail sportsbook in December 2021.

Washington D.C.

Online and offline sports betting was legalized in May 2019. William Hill opened the first retail sportsbook in Washington in Capital One Arena. In April 2024, FanDuel launched and is the only online sportsbook that can operate throughout the state.

West Virginia

There are 8+ online betting sites and five retail sportsbooks located at casinos like the  Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races and the Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort. Online sports betting launched in December 2018. However, it hit a few legal snares, had to shut down, and then relaunched for good in August 2019.


Online sports betting is not legal in Wisconsin. However, you can place wagers at Wisconsin’s tribal casinos. Governor Tony Evers legalized in-person sports betting on July 1, 2021. Many tribal casinos have their betting apps, but they only work when you’re on the casino’s property.


Wyoming legalized sports betting in April 2021. Then, in September 2021, online sportsbooks officially launched. Currently, there are five legal operators. Apart from betting apps, tribal casinos also accept sports bets in Wyoming. Since launching, operators have accepted $426 million in bets and generated over $43 million in revenue.

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